Saturday 16 August 2008

The Sound of Root Rectangles

Following on my previous post/geometry quiz (won by Tom from Geneva, his prize is currently being considered) here is a musical rendering of that pattern, well, the root rectangles aspect anyway.

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[Text below copied from NetNewMusic video uploads section]

This PC Set/Chord is based on simple root rectangles (approximate, could go microtonal for more accuracy perhaps). Intonation isn`t great, most of the instruments are new (to me). Working with projective geometry now which is yielding some interesting results (has a counterpoint and register aspect too). Will come back to this root rectangles thing (it has a dominant 7th in it which I didn`t expect, a bit like the Spanish Inquisition). Also I need more hats and sunglasses.


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Pierre Attractions

Boulez speaks to The Times in a podcast about the Proms (the interviewer suggests that when Boulez was the music director of the BBC Symphony Orchestra he made the repetoire 'funkier', erm, what?)