Saturday 7 August 2010

Free Stuff!!: Audio For Bartolozzi's 'New Sounds For Woodwind'.

Bruno Bartolozzi: But then you knew that.

So, you've got the Bartolozzi book 'New Sounds For Woodwind' but you don't have the record in the back?

Well, now you have arguably the second best thing, lossless flac versions of the pieces. See the links below for a link to each individual piece. The quality isn't great as it was an old scratchy library record but it's listenable and arguably the surface noise adds a little, something (?).

I haven't processed the audio at all, not sure it's really necessary (obviously I'm not talking about FFT noise reduction or some crackle remover, that would be unthinkable, shudder).

Side 1

Collage for Flute (30mb) ('Bartolozzi' is mispelt in the file name for this one, so sue me).
Collage For Oboe (34mb)

Side 2

Collage For Clarinet (30.5mb)
Collage For Bassoon (75mb)
Collage For Ensemble (14mb)

They're example pieces using the fingerings and techniques he discusses in the book but they do stand up as pieces in their own right, to me at least. I think they are performed by players from the Maggio Musicale Orchestra of Florence in 1967 but the book doesn't make that entirely clear (the book was first published in 1967 so I'm inferring the recording dates, ahem).

Oh and before I forget, you can get a version of Collage for Clarinet on the excellent AGP 84, 'Italian Composers' (including Bartolozzi and Donatoni and you know, all the guys). Not sure if it's the same recording, not compared them, could be, fun.

And, thanks to Mel for transferring the record.

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EDIT 25/03/2010: The audio files have now been re-uploaded to Mediafire as Dropio is no more.