Wednesday 25 June 2008

Music and Architecture

Sainte Marie De La Tourette

Well, just architecture really, a series of documentaries on Google Video, via QuickSilverScreen. I say there isn`t any music involved but actually the episode about the Le Corbusier designed Sainte Marie de La Tourette mentions Xenakis as he designed some elements of the building and they are related to his Metastasis composition (sections of which are used as background music in the documentary).

Here is a list of the programmes (with links natch, I don`t know who made this series or where it comes from or who owns the rights, so, erm, yeah)

Architecture -01- The Dessau Bauhaus
Architecture -03- Family Lodging in Guise
Architecture -05- The Georges Pompidou Centre
Architecture -06- The Vienna Savings Bank
Architecture -08- La Galleria Umberto I
Architecture -09- Santiago Calatrava - Satolas-TGV
Architecture -11- Félix Duban - School of the Beaux Arts
Architecture -13- Charles Garnier - The Opera Garnier
Architecture -14- Le Corbusier - The Cloister La Tourette
Architecture -16- Sullivan & Adler - Auditorium Building Chicago
Architecture -17- Alvaro Aalto - The Community Center of Säynätsalo Finland
Architecture -18- Claude-Nicolas Ledoux - The Saline of Arc-et-Senans
Architecture -19- Pierre Chareu - Maison de Verre
Architecture -21- Toyo Ito - The Sendaï Media Center
Architecture -22- The Abby Sainte Foy de Conques
Architecture -23- Frank O. Gehry - The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

On the same note (pun intended) a book on this topic about/by Xenakis will be available in English soon (hopefully), Music of Architecture (don`t know much about the book but it looks interesting, will buy it when it`s available).

Also while i`m about it, here is a rather ambitious edition of the Charlie Rose show entitled 'The Future of Architecture'.

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