Tuesday 14 October 2008

Stockhausen, Gruppen, Video, Rattle, Carewe, Harding, CBSO, Etc

Yes indeed, a video of Stockhausen's Gruppen performed by the CBSO conducted by Simon Rattle, John Carewe and Daniel Harding. I'm not sure what year this was but it was performed somewhere in Birmingham as part of the 'Towards The Millenium' project/concert/something (in the late 90s then presumably).

Not sure who owns the copyright to this or where the footage came from but it's there to be seen so get it while you can, Andrew Clements of the Guardian was disappointed back in 2001 that this performance 'never found it's way onto disc', well now it has, sort of.

Via the excellent Aulaelectroacustica blog

[if you own the copyright to this and are selling it somewhere etc then let me know and i'll remove the link, my apologies in advance]


tom said...

yo. You might have come across this already, but thought it might complement the Stockhausen theme:

Stockhausen: Portrait of an electronic music pioneer

E.L. said...

Thanks tom, worth posting probably (something of a beginners guide, of course he wasn't just an 'electronic' pioneer though that spin is in keeping with the 'Squarepusher' theme)