Wednesday 8 April 2009

Quotation For Early April

Helmut Lachenmann, resting the weight of his beard on his fingers.
Beauty-according to my own definition from twenty years ago-as 'the denial of habit' (not of all things habitual!)-has, insofar as the term 'habit' encompasses the idea of (...comfortably? thoughtlessly? safely? unemancipatedly?) 'dwelling', the following meaning: an offer to break free from all security, i.e. a naively intact bourgeois consciousness. The 'retrieval of art' would thus-to expand upon Kraus's pronouncement-mean: bringing art to a place of in-security, discarding false securities, and doing this with reference to an innovatively-orientated work-ideal that subjects our experience of music to constant dialectical renewal.
Helmut Lachenmann; Philosophy of Composition: from Identity and Difference: Essays on Music, Language and Time.

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