Thursday 3 December 2009

Yet More Free Stuff!!. Webern's Complete Works dir. by Robert Craft.

Anton Webern: Trying to look composed after falling over in the grass, probably.

Just spotted a useful tweet from Ubuweb which links to The High Pony Tail blog where you can find 'Webern: The Complete Music recorded under the direction of Robert Craft.'

Recorded in 1957 apparently and released by Columbia as a 4-LP set (out of print and never released on CD.)

Here's the link to an updated post featuring a processed mp3 version of the album and a link to the original post with an unmeddled with version in lossless flac format.

I haven't had a chance to peruse the other content on The High Pony Tail but from the post titles in the sidebar it looks like there is some good stuff available (not sure of the legality of it though, this Craft recording seems ok but I haven't looked at the rest.)

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Anonymous said...

You comment about the legality - all the stuff on the high ponytail is out of print otherwise unavailable except second hand (if at all). I understand from the notes on the blog that material will be removed if it becomes commercially available. This seems to me to be about as good as it gets - clearly the record companies involved have decided that there is no commercial value in re-releasing at this stage - accordingly the value of the copyright to them must be minimal. On this basis, their commercial loss must be minimal, and the enforcement of copyright would surely be commercially senseless for the licensed user (i.e. record company). In my view, blogs like this serve a valuable service in demonstrating that there is indeed a demand for historic performances.