Tuesday 12 October 2010

Guess The Score No.2

Click on the image to enlarge.

Yes, here is the second entry in my already highly regarded 'Guess The Score' series.

This one's not as easy as the previous Varèse extract so I'm not expecting anyone to get it but you never know.

Some clues, the composer is male, still alive, and hasn't composed many pieces for orchestra. This is the beginning of the third movement (as you can see) and features some rather natty quintuplets at different speeds. One of my favourite pieces as it happens.

As before, don't all rush in at once.

EDIT: Congrats to Dan who got the right answer. It's Kurtag's Stele, the first page of the third movement. Have a listen below (turn your speakers up as the introduction is rather quiet).

Tinyurl for this post: http://tinyurl.com/38m5p55


Dan said...

Kurtag Stele?

un certain plume said...

Lachenmann maybe?

E.L. said...

Well done Dan, spot on.

What led you to the right answer?

un certain plume: Lachenmann fits the description, close but no cigar :-)

Dan said...

Just chance. I've been on a Kurtag binge lately. I watched the Matchstick Man DVD the night before you posted this.

He's a fascinating composer. He does so much with so little. I read a quote somewhere that said he was like a modern Webern. A rather odd comment, but there's something to it.

I miss your posts Ed... if it weren't for RSS I would have given up checking. :-)

E.L. said...

Ah yes. I've got that DVD. They pick up on that section in Stele I seem to remember.

Re posts etc, thanks for sticking with it. Should be posting a bit more now I think.

bobbie gardner said...

Like it!

E.L. said...

Bobbie: Good :-)

Sebastian said...

very big similarity to Gaudeamus 2010 winner Marko Nikodijevic's piece "cvetic, kucica/..."
Copyright infringement?
when I saw the score i believed it was his piece....

E.L. said...

Interesting Sebastian.

I've not heard or seen that piece so can't comment. Can you post a link or some info?

Sebastian said...

recording here:

E.L. said...

Thanks, will check it out.

Anonymous said...

interestingly, EMB decided to print this hand-written copy by Zsolt Serei (who himself is a VERY interesting composer: http://info.bmc.hu/site/muvesz/found_page.php?l=en&table=SZERZO&id=95 )

E.L. said...


Forgot to publish your comment about Zsolt Serei.

Assumed it was Kurtag himself who produced it (never actually checked).

Will look at the link thanks, sorry again for super slow reply.