Friday 21 March 2008

Intrasonus Spot Project

A new European performance based venture, the Intrasonus Spot Project.

Directed by the Italian composer Roberto Rusconi, who`s excellent string quartet 'Il Sogno di Empedocle' can be downloaded for free here, peformed by the JACK Quartet. If you think you can help or want to get involved contact the organisers on their site.

The ISP (Intrasonus Spot Project) is a central focus in our research and production management.

The goal is collecting a number of composers -basically working in the European Union- interested in creating an alternative to the “one shot” performance of their works.
In addition the ISP collective is deeply concerned about the great effort that many good performers have to dedicate to the study of new works often without having the opportunity of presenting them more than once.

Moreover, the despotic power of few “untouchable leading figures” has brought more than one artist to starve artistically and economically only because some composers are simply away from the major streams of few well known institutions.

ISP is devoted to host some composers -possibly one from every country at the beginning- who are interested in creating an Intrasonus Spot in their country. They should care for guaranteing at least one performance per year of a twin concert of ones taking place in Venice during the year.

Creating an ISP will allow to increase not only the circulation of the compositions and the performers but it will also provide the creation of an international net capable of raising new collaborations and new connections.

The further step is the creation of a net capable of transmitting through the Internet all the events and giving the chance to all the intersted people to join, download, contribute, develop and diffuse this new direction in the classical contemporary music

All the interested people are kindly invited to join the master classes and show their projects; they will be given the directions to create their local Intrasonus Spot.

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