Wednesday 19 March 2008

New Sounds For Flute

A fine resource of extended flute techniques from Swedish flautist Mats Möller.

SOLO PER FLAUTO (SFZ 2001, 2000) 154' (2 cds)

An exposé through the world of 20th century music for flute alone, focusing on Swedish music - from Debussy (Syrinx, 1913) to Deák (Fuvola, 2000). Cantilenas and subtleness, as well as virtuosity and new techniques for the instrument, developed from the 70's and on.

Swedish flautist Mats Möller plays music by Debussy, Varèse, Jolivet, Bäck, Scelsi, Berio, Rosenberg, Ferneyhough, Takemitsu, Tiensuu, Morthenson, Grims-land, Nilsson, Welin, Eliasson, Sagvik, Karkoff, Maros, Möller and Deák.

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