Monday 26 January 2009

Free Stuff ! : Webern's The Path To The New Music.

Webern's lectures, printed out and filed, thumbs up.

Yes that's right. A free copy of Webern's lectures via the Internet Archive, I found it on the Online Music Resources blog (thanks), although if you google 'The Path to the New Music' the internet archive link is in the first page of results, not exactly hard to find, but, erm, yeah, anyway...(I would probably have just looked for it on Amazon or Abe had I not randomly found it on a blog while looking for Cowell's book)

A timely find from my point of view as I have just finished reading some books on the great man - Webern 20th Century Composers, Webern and the Transformation of Nature, Anton Webern: An Introduction To His Works, Anton Webern: Letters to Hildegard Jone and Josef Humplik - and I was going to buy 'The Path To The New Music' but now I don't have to (I printed it out instead and put it in one of those natty binder folder things, I think the older one gets, the more one appreciates stationery).

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