Wednesday 21 January 2009

Quote of Month/Day/Year Whatever Etc Again, Etc

'Complementary harmony is one the most important means of harmonic and melodic tension in romantic and especially highly chromatic music, it is an essential method for expressionism, and when logically used leads to total chromaticism. Adorno says that 'the law of the vertical dimension in twelve-note music should be called the law of complementary harmony.'
Walter Kolneder: Anton Webern; An Introduction To His Works.

My hastily prepared example of complementary harmony above is about as basic an example of 'logically chromaticism' as you can get I suppose, and obviously the 'set' and the 'complement' are interchangable, one is the complement of the other. EDIT: By the way, if you read the above quote and thought 'hey, I should buy that book from Amazon, looks great!', I just bought the cheapest English copy available as mine is a library loan and the book is way out print, so....(unless you are reading this ages after this post was made)


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