Thursday 17 April 2008

Boston University Messiaen Project

Thats right, its here, and very interesting/useful it is too. Also don`t forget the 2008 Messiaen conference that I mentioned in a previous post. And this centenary site (he was born in 1908 you see, so was Elliott Carter as it happens).

May I also recommend the excellent DVD about Messiaen made by Ideale Audience International, part of their Juxtapositions series. The documentaries are mostly footage of the man himself discussing his methods/ideas/concepts/practices etc (focuses on bird song and talk about nature mostly, not much technical detail or mention of his modes/rhythms etc, also some DVD extras with talking heads about his teaching etc).

Addendum [05/04/08]
Some clips from the DVD above have found their way onto YouTube...

Also the Philharmonia Orchestra have some short Messiaen documentary videos in their YouTube collection.

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