Sunday 13 April 2008

Quote Of The Day (13/04/08)

'I`ve always respected the science in the music, though I haven`t respected some of the related value systems: for instance, the concept of notation - I don`t think notation is the problem, it`s the concepts that surround notation. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, all of the master Europeans who solidified Western art music were instrumentalists and improvisers as well as composers. Notation wasn`t used then as a choking device to stop the blood, the dynamic, of the culture; it was later, when the technocrats made the process more important than the results, that we got the so-called crisis of Western art music, which is still with us. In fact, we can see the same mind-set entering the bebop continuum: now they`re making bebop so "correct", it will be bopbe or something - it won`t be the same music that Charlie Parker and John Coltrane played'.

Anthony Braxton: An interview with Graham Lock (from 'Contemporary Composers on Contemporary Music', originally from 'Forces in Motion' by Lock)

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