Tuesday 1 April 2008

Gresham College Lectures

Picking up from my previous post which mentioned Gresham College, here are some more of their lectures on music which can be streamed from their site (audio/video).

For instance Gresham music professor Roger Parker`s lectures on string quartets...

Mozart - Quartet in C major, K465 (Dissonance)
Bartok - Quartet No 2
Debussy - Quartet in G minor, Op 10

Previous music lecturers and groups at Gresham who have some of their work archived for online use are...

Professor Adrian Thomas: a list of his lectures.
Professor Piers Halliwell: a list of his lectures.
The ensemble Chamber Domaine: A list of their lectures/peformances

And here is a list of Gresham Professors of music past and present.

A couple of other music or music related lectures of note (more there if you search), one by Professor Keith Kendrick entitled 'Music art and the brain' and one by Professor Jonathan Cole entitled 'Music and Architecture: Confronting the Boundaries Between Space and Sound.'

Oh btw, if you don`t like RealPlayer (all Gresham`s files are in this format) then try RealPlayer Alternative (no background processes).

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