Friday 13 March 2009

Boulez Dérive Analysis Site Courtesy of The London Sinfonietta

Boulez: A man has no need for a comb when he has perfect pitch.

UPDATE: The sound intermedia site is down at the moment, has been for a couple of days. If this situation persists i'll email them and ask if it's permament (hopefully not.)

This little site about Boulez, specifically focusing on his composition Dérive is a London Sinfonietta project (built by Sound Intermedia and funded by various other bodies).

It's in the same mould as the Takemitsu 'Tree Line' site I linked to in a previous post. It's not the easiest site to get around (could do with keeping all the links in the same place rather than moving them around depending on where you are on the site) however, there is some straight-to-the-point analysis and information on it and some good ideas for workshops and teaching ideas based around Boulez's piece/concepts.

Also, check the London Sinfonietta's site, some interesting stuff, such as their audio-video section, this Lutoslawski video for instance (London Sinfonietta's 1989 performance of Lutoslawski's Chain 1 conducted by Lutoslawski).

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