Saturday 21 March 2009

Messiaen's Technique of My Musical Language: Available!!

This essential text was out of print for ages (I had to look for years and years before finding a copy of it, its importance as a reference and its rarity is arguably the primary reason why various scans of it are floating round on the interweb, which I won't link to here for legal reasons.)

It's now available (in legal hard-copy) from a few sources, Lynn* has managed to get a copy for the complement.inversion.etc franchise (thanks Lynn.), check it out here (only USA though, you could buy it in other territories obviously but that is where it ships from, only one in stock apparently so if you want it via the 'store' move quickly.)

I've included it as my 'deal of the week USA' if you check the side bar on the right and as the link above shows it's in my USA 'store' (which still needs its stock sorting out a bit, books are not in much of a decent order, bear with me.)

Also, you can buy it from Thompson Edition, here (ships from the USA but you can select different territories and currencies to display using the gadget thing at the bottom of the page.)

Amazon dealer price is currently $79,95, via Thompson Edition it's $71.50 (not including postage, I think.). So for those in the UK that's in the £50 'ball-park' at the current exchange rate.

And in the UK, it's available from, here (a slightly pricey £79.99)

I can say (from the bottom of my 'heart') that it's a really useful text, not just for interpreting Messiaen's music, but of wider compositional interest. Importantly, its practical, succinct style and its bevy of musical examples make it an easy read.

Not only that, but I have uploaded a DVD list to my UK 'shop' which has some excellent titles on offer, most of which I have seen/own hence their inclusion, i.e. they are not a load of rubbish (I am tempted to get the Lachenmann DVD next, I don't have that, or the Wolfgang Rihm one.)

I'll do the USA DVD list next (I am holding off doing CDs and Scores for the time being, they will take longer to select, CDs particularly, obviously.)

(*I should mention, just in case my straight faced 'humour' has confused anyone, Lynn and the other 'staff' at the complement.inversion.etc store don't actually exist, just a bit of fun, i'll continue to make reference to them though, until I get bored of it/them....etc.)

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