Sunday 15 March 2009

The Mathematics of The Baroque

Gottfried Leibniz, 'baroque' mathematician and chocolate biscuit innovator (see the way the chocolate is on only on one side?, the man was a genius.)

The Baroque isn't exactly on topic for this blog but the combination of mathematics and aesthetics and/or rational approaches to it are, so there!.
Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy explores the role of science and mathematics in the arts of the baroque. From Bernini's architecture and sculpture in Rome, the playful gardens at Versailles, to the grand dome of St Paul's Cathedral and the music of Monteverdi and Bach, he discovers that new ideas about perspective, capturing movement and the infinite all play a part in the baroque vision.
A BBC Radio3 programme, Listen to it here (available for another seven days from Sunday 15/03/2009)

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