Saturday 7 March 2009

Free Stuff!!!: Ligeti In Conversation PDF

Ligeti, none too pleased about having to pose with (100) metronomes (to add insult to injury it looks like he was asked to sign a print of the photo at a later date)

Here it is, a PDF of a conversation with Ligeti which is an extract from the now out of print In Conversation: Gyorgy Ligeti in Conversation with Peter Varnai, Joseph Hausler, Claude Samuel and Himself (1983.)

I found it ages ago via Google or Scribd I think and just found it now while going through the archives, it's hosted on Joseph Klein's region of the University of North Texas site. Some thanks due to him then.

UPDATE: as far as I can tell, Klein seems to have taken that PDF down (can't find it now anyway, thanks to keralitee for letting me know via a comment). Here is an alternative link I found (on Deposit Files).

UPDATE 2: Thanks to a comment from Lizzie it seems the link from the University of North Texas still works, I must have messed up the original link somehow (cough) and then failed to find it again on Google (and one PDF search engine I use has stopped working today for some reason). I've updated the original link now and i'll leave the Deposit Files one up too just in case. Thanks keralitee and Lizzie.

(the book the extract comes from seems to be out of print, if you own the copyright or the book is going back into print and think the extract should be removed, let me know)


Unknown said...

Hi Ed, this pdf doesn't exist on Klein's page!


E.L. said...

hmm, it wasn't actually on his page but in his files somewhere, I can't find it now so perhaps he has taken it down, bah, i'll update the post with another link to it somewhere else, thanks for letting me know.

Babette said...

This is the link:

I couldn't access it either but when I googled 'In Conversations Gyorgy Ligeti' it appeared.

Just finished reading it.

E.L. said...

Thanks lizzie, I must have messed up the link yesterday and then I had a look for the link again today and couldn't find it for some reason. I'll put the correct address in and amend the post. I suppose two places to DL it from a better than one. Ahem, cough.

Anonymous said...

Great find! I actually studied in Klein's program and never knew that was on the servers!!!

E.L. said...

Aaron: that extract seems hidden away for some reason, think I found it via google ages ago, probably when looking for a copy of the book.

It's an interesting interview, will have to get the whole thing at some point (if I can find a copy at a decent price.)