Monday 2 February 2009

Blogging All Over The World (and I like it, I like it, I la la la like it, etc)

It's nearly a year since complement.inversion.etc went 'online', or, 'live' and as you can see above (click the picture for a larger image) the blog has been something of an international 'hit' (visited by 'folks' in 75 countries).

However, all is not well, I really need to increase my marketing spend in some areas, the Middle East and Africa are looking a bit threadbare, as is Central Asia, and something of a personal disappointment is the blog's failure to have any impact in two of the Baltic states (can you see which ones?).

Also I note that no one in Papua New Guinea has bothered to visit, and South East Asia in general could be somewhat more social (Laos?, hello?!, guys?).

Well, i'm not complaining but there is room for improvement, who knew anti-exoteric contemporary music ramblings could be so popular?.

btw, if you don't get the pun post title, shame on you, it's a play on the execrable 'Rocking All Over The World' by Status Quo (or simply, 'Status', as they are known round my way).

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