Thursday 12 February 2009

Free Stuff!: Streaming Lancaster Uni/Psappha/BBC Singers Concerts

Psappha, from this Guardian Article about them and Claude Vivier.

I forgot about these concerts after they got a bit of press here and there last year. Worth a look if you like any of these composers, the videos stream easily and are of a decent image/sound quality.

Here is a list of the concerts, composers and performers...

Webcast 1
Larry Goves - Four Letter Words
György Kurtág - Signs, Games and Messages
György Kurtág - Scenes from a Novel °
György Ligeti - Aventures & Nouvelles Aventures

Nicholas Kok: conductor
Maria Husmann: soprano
Jane Manning: soprano
Jessica Walker: mezzo-soprano
Dean Robinson: baritone

Webcast 2
Claude Vivier - Et je reverrai cette ville etrange (ensemble, 1981)
Claude Vivier - Shiraz (piano, 1977)
Claude Vivier - Glaubst du an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele? (voices / ensemble 1983)
Claude Vivier - Journal* (voices / percussion, 1977)

BBC Singers
Nicholas Kok: conductor
Carolyn Foulkes: soprano
Sian Menna: mezzo-soprano
Stephen Jeffes: tenor
Edward Price: bass

Webcast 3
Gordon McPherson - Celeste Unborne
Steven Mackey - Five Animated Shorts
Edward Cowie - Psappha Portraits world premiere

Nicholas Kok: conductor

View the 3D film by Dave Dunbar which accompanied Gordon McPherson's work Celeste Unborn. The music was recorded live at the performance on 8th March 2008. In order to appreciate the 3D film you will need a pair of 3D glasses which have one Red lens and one Cyan.

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