Thursday 12 February 2009

More Free Stuff!: Berio Recordings To DL

Berio, after a hard night on the pop.

Yes, that's right, not sure why I didn't include this link with my 'analysis' of Berio's piece Nones as that piece is included in this DL (it's an early, rare piece I think, now out of print so it seems).

Anyway, it's all on the excellent Avant Garde project site, number 27 (not sure why the AGP isn't in my side bar of links either, I shall include it now). It features out of print recordings so don't whine about copyright etc, worth having a hunt around on the site if you haven't come across it before.

Check the recordings archive (loads of stuff, Takemitsu, Wolpe, Foss, Xenakis, Maderna, Partch, Brown, Wolff, and much more).

You'll find more Berio for one thing, vocal works (AGP26) and Berio Conducts Berio (AGP83).

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