Friday 6 February 2009

Musical 'Modernism' - The Movie

Composer Casting Couch, click for larger image.

A while ago some friends and I (at least two, honest) were discussing the possibility of a movie about the Second Viennese School, who should we cast in the major roles?.

Well, I've expanded the concept somewhat to include a few more composers, some 'modernists' more or less. (or perhaps a 'post-modernist' where Cage is concerned and Debussy and Mahler are more like pre-modernists or something).

I would have included more but after searching around some composers didn't seem easy to cast (Xenakis, Boulez, Feldman, Ligeti and others).

Some 'levity' for those long winter nights anyway, 'enjoy' (if you can name all the composers and their actor 'doubles' in the picture you win a special prize, click on the image above, here is a hint, match the images to the names in the tag list).

Oh and thanks to Ross's The Rest Is Noise blog for reminding me about the Second Viennese School 'movie' concept (via his post about Susan Sarandon's slip of the tongue at the recent Golden Globes).


Babette said...

Ok Ed, so this is what I've come up with:-

1. Michael Douglas – Webern
2. Christopher Walken – Alban Berg
3. Robert Duvall – Schoenberg
4. Attenborough? - Messiaen
5. Andy Garcia - Varese
6. Michael Keaton - Mahler
7. Jack Black - Debussy
8. Ben Kingsley – Stravinsky
9. Jeff Bridges - John Cage
10. Geena Davies- Aaariaho

I particularly liked Jack Black being cast as Debussy, that made me laugh! I think you should cast Mike Myers as Messiaen – check the link (

Do I get a prize – I’m a poor struggling student!! ;)

(If you got this twice its cos my internet connection is dodgy - sorry!)

E.L. said...

I see what you mean about Myers, not a bad likeness, your list is basically correct, however you have spelt Saariaho with a A, (i'll assume it's a typo), so, congrats.

Re the prize, I was only joking about that really, however, are you a music/composition student? (if so I could probably sort out some contemporary study scores or music books or something if that would be of any use to you)

Babette said...

I was only teasing about the prize, I knew you were joking! I’m at uni doing post grad teacher training (have my music degree). Just realising you don’t know who I am, well you do, but not aware – It’s Lizzie. Used to live up in Birmingham. Steve Milanese’s ex (I hate introducing/referring to myself like that but people always remember him and never me!). Anyway, just so you know ☺

E.L. said...

Ah ha, I know who you are then, sorry for not realising earlier. Hope the teacher training stuff is going well :-)