Monday 23 February 2009

Free Stuff!: Quarter Tones For Saxophone Book, More or Less

The Saxophone Family

Here is a free PDF download of a 1975 masters thesis on quarter tones for saxophone by John William Paulson. It's in two parts (80 pages in total) and features general discussion on the topic, fingering charts for various sizes of saxophone and some exercises and etudes.

Also there are some mp3 examples, six different takes of the first etude, for some reason (UPDATE: it's a 1975 recording of three saxophone students playing the first etude, then they play it again a week later after some practice, 'improvement in performance is ... easily perceived')

Hosted by The University Of Rochester.

As it's Oscars season, I would like to the thank Mr Paulson and the various institutions which support his work and its distribution.

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