Sunday 22 February 2009

Quote For Just After Two Thirds of The Way Through February, Obviously

Proclus Diadochus the Neoplatonist
Arithmetic is the Discrete At Rest
Astronomy is the Discrete In Motion
Geometry is the Continuous At Rest
Music is the Continuous In Motion
About the Quadrivium...In primum Euclidis elementorum librum commentarii: Proclus Diadochus


Babette said...

Interesting. Shame we don’t teach in the same way they did in medieval times. The quadrivium and trivium makes much more sense than the 10 NC subjects (although that’s all changing – slowly – at the moment anyway - & some schools are choosing to eliminate music altogether).

Read your wiki link to Proclus too. I agree with some of what he says in terms of the one & intellect as its very similar to the metaphysical way of thinking, but I don’t like how he compartmentalises everything.

E.L. said...

I have some vague, pie in the sky idea about one day writing or contributing to a book about how to apply or combine more 'technical' subjects like mathematics and general science to the 'arts', as they are many points of contact, in terms of practice, theory and history (I would have liked the opportunity to study like that as a kid anyway).

I have lots of other work to do first but it's at the back of my mind somewhere, seems a worthwhile project.

A more 'holistic' approach to education would be beneficial IMO (for want of a less sandal-wearing term.)

Re Proculus's philosophy, it's fairly mental by today's standards I suppose, interesting though.