Friday 13 February 2009

Quote for Mid February

Wolff, Brown, Cage, Feldman....More info here from the University at Buffalo

Earle Brown: But is there not enough of what you might call reasonable music in the world that might be changing the insights of people? In other words, I always used to agree with Varese, Varese would never join polemical sides you know, ...

Morton Feldman: Not in public.

Brown: ... he said, if you've got a different idea then write the music, and that music will have its effect and it will change things. Don't stand around and holler I have been offended, help! The best thing that you can do is to not put yourself in a polemical position verbally, but just write a better piece of music, if you have got a better idea. Because it is the examples of things, that are better that change people, not forcing them to change.

From a Feldman, Brown and Metzger discussion in 1972, featured here.

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